The Rise of Casey Shelton’s Total Nutrition: Building a Health and Fitness Brand

Nestled in the heart of Longview, Texas, lies the story of a man who rose through the ranks of a company. Casey Shelton’s journey, from a dedicated sales associate to the proud owner of Total Nutrition Longview, is one of dedication and commitment to health and fitness.

Shelton’s journey started right within the very walls that he now proudly calls his own. He began his career at Total Nutrition Longview, located at 1009 Wal St., Suite 103, Longview, Texas, 75605, as a sales associate, where he quickly showed promise and dedication. Over the years, he steadily climbed the ranks, eventually becoming the store manager. Not too long after, Shelton was offered the opportunity to purchase the store when the long-distance owners decided it was time for them to move on.

Armed with a general studies degree from a junior college, Shelton didn’t know much about running a business. In his pursuit of improving a struggling store, he dove into books and internet education in order to build up the knowledge he needed to run his store. But, importantly, he also stayed in the gym, continually refining his physical health — which kept his mind sharp too. Eventually, he became certified personal trainer, a sidegig that only fortified his understanding of the industry. 

Total Nutrition Longview, situated two hours east of Dallas, is a place for fitness enthusiasts, health-conscious individuals and anyone looking for a complete approach to wellness. One of the store’s standout features is the AI Smart mirror, a futuristic technology that provides customers with an in-depth analysis of their body composition. On their first visit, patrons are treated to a complimentary scan that reveals crucial information about their body fat and muscle percentages. Complementing the process is an app that customers can download on their smartphones. This app not only offers in-body scans but also recommends personalized nutrition plans and calculates important metrics like protein and food intake. This inclusive approach works for people ranging from 15 to 80, making Total Nutrition Longview an option for everyone.

Total Nutrition Longview sets itself apart by offering services that go beyond just supplement sales. Another cool opportunity is something they call the TN plunge. These cold plunge sessions provide customers with an opportunity to recover in an effective and unique way. As a locally-owned and operated business, the dedicated staff at Total Nutrition Longview understands the needs and preferences of the community, making the customer experience its top priority.

What truly distinguishes Total Nutrition Longview is its undying commitment to ensuring the success of every customer. The personalized meal plans and supplement recommendations Shelton and his team provide are crafted with hands-on, helpful expertise. Furthermore, the store offers a VIP membership that includes enticing perks such as a free t-shirt and shaker cup, along with exclusive discounts for its members. This commitment to customer satisfaction is at the heart of Total Nutrition Longview’s mission.

This focus on customer service is instilled within his team, all of whom buy into the culture Shelton has built over the years. When it comes to bringing on new employees, Shelton isn’t solely focused on filling vacant positions, he makes sure each new hire understands the company’s dedication to service above all else. Total Nutrition Longview is a tight-knit community that understands the collaborative effort required to achieve fitness and health goals.

To visit the physical store, go to 1009 Wal St., Suite 103, Longview, Texas, 75605. Additionally, you can connect with Casey Shelton and his team on various online platforms, including via the Total Nutrition Longview Instagram, Facebook and website.